La Beti

UNA VIDA BURLESCA por La Beti y Madame Gostossa

Best International Burlesque Perfomer in the World Burlesque Games 2015, Miss International Pin Up 2014, Muse of Boom Town and a natural entertainer with a magic latin touch called «DUENDE». A fast and fierce performer who’s burning up the scene already performing at the hottest spots in London. Make your next party or event really special, with entertainer diva La Beti. La Beti incorporates Latin & Spanish style influences with a vintage flare and an ode to flamenco (she’s a trained Flamenco dancer). Engaging and magnificent, La Beti embodies and symbolises the cheerful and lively character Latino bringing something novel & exciting to the Burlesque scene with a Spanish aesthetic and style which is embedded in the Latin / Mediterranean ideals of beauty. Her Burlesque acts and Poetry Cabaret Extravaganza can be custom tailored to suit your needs: from a special dinner in your home or restaurant, to a glamorous party or anything in between. Costumes and acts can be coordinated to be just right for your event. La Beti maintains close contact with the guests making them to feel welcome and inspiring them to enjoy their evening filled with fun, sexiness and a spectacle performance from La Beti. La Beti combines different styles reminding us of Carmen Miranda’s old world Latin glamour, to Spanish Vintage Kitschy performances bringing the holiday energy to the stage. Explore the site and get to know La Beti better or make a booking immediately by contacting